Kent was raised in both Dutchess (Fishkill) and Greene (Coxsackie/Athens) Counties. His father, Tom, who passed away in 2012, was a funeral director having served throughout the Hudson Valley. His mother, Sheryl, is a long-time employee of the Coxsackie-Athens Central School District. Kent has lived in Delmar for more than a decade with his wife, Caroline. Their home is now full with their daughter Millie and two rescue dogs, Teddy the Beagle and Franklin the Bassett Hound.

Kent’s commitment to sound public policy brought him to work in the U.S. Congress, New York State Senate and Assembly, and at the New York State Department of Transportation. He also has experience in the private sector representing engineering companies and convenience stores.

His public policy portfolio includes transportation, energy, health, telecommunications, and small business.

I believe that we need and deserve people in government who are honest with themselves and others about the challenges we face, and the time and hard work it takes to implement real and meaningful change.
–Kent Sopris

Kent is firm in his belief that people can disagree on an issue and still have a civil conversation. He seeks input, especially from people who have different outlooks and experiences to create coherent and effective public policy.

The people of the 107th face real day-to-day concerns– availability of good paying jobs, childcare, healthcare–especially behavioral healthcare given the increase in mental health and substance use challenges we face. Nationally, a woman’s right to the full range of reproductive healthcare, including abortion, is under attack as is our democracy. It is up to the states to provide a firewall. Kent’s work in the New York State Legislature and Executive Branch, along with his experience representing private industry, gives him a unique perspective on how we can make government work.

I have extensive experience working on issues that are important to the people of the 107th Assembly District–-transportation, telecommunications, economic development, health and nutrition, and women’s health. I have a real track record of success in and outside of state government. I know the players, have a history of being a consensus builder and can hit the ground running on my first day without a learning curve.
–Kent Sopris

Kent and his wife, Caroline, live in Delmar with their young daughter Millie and two rescue dogs–Teddy, the Beagle, and Franklin, the Basset Hound.